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Obtaining Riding Opportunities in Massachusetts

Process for getting OHV trails open

Due to the continued travel restrictions, the last presentation in this workshop series will be done via web conferencing.  This presentation will walk you through the process of getting riding areas open in Massachusetts.  Workshop presenters will be Scott Morrill, the OHV Coordinator for Massachusetts and Karen Umphress from UP! Outside.

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Massachusetts OHV Club Workshops: Text

Off-Highway Vehicle Clubs are the backbone of riding opportunities.  It is clubs that help get riding areas open and created.  It is clubs that help maintain riding areas.  It is clubs that help shape the future of OHV riding in Massachusetts.

If you are not part of a club, either join an existing club or start a new club.  New club or existing club revitalization services are available through June 30, 2021 for no charge to OHV riders.

See a list of clubs below.

Massachusetts OHV Club Workshops: Welcome

OHV Clubs in Massachusetts

People You Can Work With

Massachusetts OHV Club Workshops: Clients

Bay State

A Central Massachusetts OHV Club

Berkshire Off Highway Vehicle Coalition

A coalition of OHV riders including side by sides, ATVs, and dirt bikes.



Facebook Page

New England Outbackers Club

A Massachusetts ATV club

Facebook Group

New England Trail and Conservation Association

An organization to provide conservation for sivilculture and OHV recreation

Patriots All Terrain Club

Located in Central and Western Massachusetts

PO Box 2967

Pittsfield, MA 01202


Facebook Page

Mohawk 4X4 Adventures

Provides 4x4 trails and recreation to its members


Facebook Page

New England Trail Riders Association

NETRA promotes the sport of safe and responsible off-road motorcycling in the New England and New York region with over 80 competitive and recreational events annually.

PO Box 1235

Derry, NH 03038



Facebook Page

Northeast Jeep Organization

Dedicated to the many facets of Jeeps and recreational off-road use.

Facebook Page

Rock Bottom 4x4

A central Massachusetts club to help protect and promote the safe a legal use of the off roading community.

Facebook Page

State Line Riders ATV Club

A large group of friends riding awesome places together.

PO Box 453

Monson, MA 04057


Previous workshops focused on helping you get organized and educated to help the OHV Coordinator expand riding opportunities in Massachusetts. There was a series of 2 workshops which will included information on:

  • Building blocks of club formation

  • By-laws and articles of incorporation

  • Setting up board and officer positions

  • Creating a non-profit corporation

  • Tax exempt organizations

  • Financial reporting, and fundraising

  • Advocacy 101

  • Process of creating trails in the State

You can access the information needed for club development before June 30, 2021, working to create your own club.

Fall Thielman 2015 082.JPG
Massachusetts OHV Club Workshops: Text

Club or Association Formation


  • Creating by-laws and articles of incorporation

  • Filing with the Secretary of State

  • Non-profit vs tax-exempt organizations

  • Insurance and liability for clubs

  • Filing taxes

Additional Information for Clubs


  • Club CPR

  • Benefits of clubs

  • Developing partnerships

  • Working with agency personnel

  • Advocacy 101

  • The process of creating trails in the State

Massachusetts OHV Club Workshops: List

Want to Ride an OHV in Massachusetts?

Executive Office of Energy and Environment Affairs and Partners begin process to provide better Off-Highway Vehicle experiences.

There is an unprecedented opportunity in Massachusetts right now. The State has created an Off-Highway Vehicle Coordinator position. The OHV Coordinator is working to improve, open, and reopen riding areas in the State, but he needs your help.

Grass roots advocacy and involvement is needed to support the OHV Coordinator. To this end, a workshop to help riders create clubs or associations has been created. The workshop is broken into 3 segments. Each segment has specific information for club or association formation. They also contain information that all clubs, including existing clubs, can use that focus on specific content.

UP! Outside, in conjunction with the Executive Office of Energy and Environment Affairs has created and will be delivering these workshops throughout the State and via webinars.

Workshop Dates
Massachusetts OHV Club Workshops: Text

Additional Assitance

In addition to the workshops, the program will allow for, upon application, individual consulting time with UP! Outside via conference calls or video calls.

For more information, or questions, please contact:
Karen Umphress
UP! Outside

Massachusetts OHV Club Workshops: Text
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